Thirty rail systems serve Mississippi with more than 2,500 miles of track. Comprehensive rail services include carload, trailer on flat car, container on flat car and mini-bridge shipments.

The merger of the Canadian National and Illinois Central railroads and a long-term marketing alliance with the Kansas City Southern created an efficient new rail link all along the NAFTA corridor. The agreements link together almost 25,000 miles of track stretching from both coasts of Canada through the central United States to the Gulf Coast, Texas and Mexico. >> Interactive rail map.

CN is a leader in freight shipments and a major engine helping to drive our regional and national economy. Its southern operation is one of the most important portions of the CN’s network. In 2014 this included; 69 Mississippi customers, many of which are major enterprises such as Nissan Motors, CF Industries, Georgia-Pacific, Sanderson Farms, Collins Bio-Energy and Nucor Steel. CN should be applauded for putting customers first and for their continuous improvement in safety practices. Furthermore, one of CN’s major guiding principles is helping to build stronger and sustainable communities and its commitment to environmental stewardship, as a strong component of reducing carbon footprints and conserving natural resources.