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Northwest Mississippi Regional Station

The New Rail Gateway to the Mississippi Delta

“City of New Orleans” Route

Hosted by Canadian National, the new Amtrak passenger service route is established from Chicago to New Orleans.
– Chicago to Marks: 553 miles
– New Orleans to Marks: 277 miles

Tickets & Scheduling

Visit to make your purchase. Note that delays in traffic may affect arrivals times. Download the Amtrak app for updates to your train.

Sample adult fares, each way, as low as:

– Marks to Jackson $27
– Marks to New Orleans $47

– Marks to Memphis $20
– Marks to St. Louis via Carbondale $81
– Marks to Chicago $87

City of New Orleans

Train #58 Northbound


New Orleans, LA1:45 PM
Hammond, LA2:45 PM
McComb, MS3:32 PM
Brookhaven, MS3:56 PM
Hazlehurst, MS4:17 PM
Jackson, MS5:44 PM
Yazoo City, MS6:42 PM
Greenwood, MS7:37 PM
Marks, MS8:31 PM
Memphis, TN10:20 PM
Dyersburg, TN12:22 AM
Fulton, KY1:04 AM
Carbondale, IL3:11 AM
Centralia, IL4:10 AM
Effingham, IL4:57 AM
Mattoon, IL5:23 AM
Urbana, IL6:15 AM
Kankakee, IL7:18 AM
Homewood, IL7:49 AM
Chicago, IL9:20 AM

City of New Orleans

Train #59 Southbound


Chicago, IL8:05 PM
Homewood, IL8:54 PM
Kankakee, IL9:23 PM
Urbana, IL10:34 PM
Mattoon, IL11:13 PM
Effingham, IL11:37 PM
Centralia IL12:25 AM
Carbondale, IL1:21 AM
Fulton, KY3:14 AM
Dyersburg, TN3:56 AM
Memphis, TN6:27 AM
Marks, MS8:01 AM
Greenwood, MS9:00 AM
Yazoo City, MS9:51 AM
Jackson, MS11:20 AM
Hazlehurst, MS11:55 AM
Brookhaven, MS12:16 PM
McComb, MS12:40 PM
Hammond, LA1:28 PM
New Orleans, LA3:47 PM